Wow the internet is awesome

I stumbled upon this one day...

And this sparked the rest of it...

Our Current Tech Stack

React Front End

NodeJS Back End

CMS by NetlifyCMS

JAM Stack by Gatsby

Continuous Deployment by Netlify

The special

So what is Netlify?

“Netlify wants to revolutionize the way developers build websites, abstracting away the web server and breaking web sites into microservices, making the process more like building a mobile application than a traditional website.


How does Netlify do it?

Netlify pioneered the JAM Stack.

What is the JAMstack?

JAMstack: noun \‘jam-stak’\
Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.


Netlify provides

continuous deployment

for our

Static Site & reusable API’s

from one repo.

Wait I thought the site was written in React?

So how do we serve a static site to Netlify?

We use GatsbyJS to build a static site
which Netlify serves via their CDN.

What does this look like?

Now let's try it ourselves...

What we will need:

  • brew
  • node
  • yarn

// Install Homebrew
> /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

// Install Yarn & Node
> brew install yarn
> brew install node

// Clone our Repo
> git clone

// Install Dependencies
> yarn

// Run
> npm run build-lambda
> npm run all
“This is where the web is going, Netlify is just bringing it to us all a lot faster. With all the innovation in the space, this is an exciting time to be a developer.”
-Chris Coyier, CSS expert and co-founder of Codepen